Ticiane Pinheiro releases video and shows what happens at Record

Ticiane Pinheiro showed the backstage of her work at Record and surprised

Ticiane Pinheiro is regarded as one of the great presenters of television. No wonder the famous has been occupying the position of commander of Hoje em Dia, at Record, for years, and has been a huge success.

In addition to the performance in front of the cameras, the famous also won a legion of fans on social networks. That’s why Ticiane Pinheiro always makes a point of showing a special record to feed Instagram.

This time, César Tralli’s wife chose to share an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the recording of Hoje em Dia. In fact, she surprised by showing the moment of intimacy behind the camera with the team.

She appeared quite smiling and even played with some people. Still in the caption of the publication, Ticiane Pinheiro still insisted on reinforcing what she was showing in the video: “Behind the scenes of @hojeemdia”.

Ticiane Pinheiro showed the backstage of Hoje em Dia, a Record program (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

hospital video

Ticiane Pinheiro became one of the great presenters due to her work on Record’s “Hoje Em Dia”. In addition to showing professionalism on the small screen, she also draws attention on social media.

Ticiane Pinheiro surprises presenters of Hoje Em Dia and exposes Tralli’s secret on Globo: “Every day”

Ticiane Pinheiro (Reproduction)

Report given by Ticiane Pinheiro about the program left the public in disbelief; she started bleeding live

Ticiane Pinheiro (Reproduction)

Ticiane Pinheiro releases video about hospital and confirms: “I can’t believe it, but it is”

Last Tuesday, 30, the presenter shared a video inside a hospital in São Paulo. But wait, she’s fine.

That’s because the artist made a video showing the Blanc Hospital, which stands out for its service and sophistication.

“I’m going to show you a beautiful place, but where am I? In a hotel, cafe, restaurant?”, began Ticiane Pinheiro.

Afterwards, César Tralli’s wife praised the place: “Here the concept was created by those who know the importance of a sophisticated, safe and comfortable environment”.

In the images you can see the presenter of “Hoje Em Dia” in every room of the hospital.

“I can’t believe it, but the place I came to show you is a hospital!”, said the Record contractor, who continued:

“Blan Hospital brought a new concept in a general hospital with a surgical focus, and was created by those who know the importance of a sophisticated, safe and comfortable environment!”, said Ticiane Pinheiro.

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