Gabriela Prioli makes a strong outburst against Bolsonaro after absurd attack on the internet

Gabriela Prioli
Gabriela Prioli vents about Bolsonaro’s attack (Image: Reproduction – YouTube – Band / Montage – RD1)

Gabriela Priolipresenter of CNN Brasil, spoke for the first time about the movement of the president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) against your person. On the last Thursday (1st)the “captain” shared a story about the famous and, indirectly, mobilized his voters.

Enraged, Bolsonaristas began to attack her on social media. In an outburst tone, Prioli gave the lyrics about Bolsonaro’s purpose: “Direct your militancy towards an attack. The summons affects, in my case, a woman six months pregnant with a girl.”.

The CNN Brasil contractor stated that she was the target of “hundreds of offenses and threats” and, warned: “As opposed to intimidating me, they reinforce my conviction that you are part of the scum of humanity and should be swept back to the place you should never have left.”.

Gabriela Prioli talks about Bolsonaro’s hatred of women

Without fear of reprisal from the president, Prioli recalled that “even though he needs to win over the female voters, he can’t control himself”.

The youtuber concluded: “The answer reveals the discomfort. The title of the article must have shaken the fragile ego of someone who has been a lifelong reject. Psychoanalysis explains.

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