Renata Alves publishes rare photo and shows who she is married to

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Presenter of Hoje em Dias, Renata Alves has been married since 2003 and shares a photo of her love

Renata Alves is one of the biggest presenters in Brazil, along with Ana Hickmann and César Filho, the presenter commands Hoje em Dia daily.

Married to Diego Gonzaga since 2003, the presenter sometimes leaves a record of her love for her husband on social media.

Famous on TV, she is also successful on social media with her posts, in this one, which has her husband and son, Renata puts the caption:

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“What an amazing father you are, my love! Physically you are already similar, but more and more, our son carries all his teachings, integrity and character. We are very proud of you. Me, Dieguinho and Dona Cássia (I know it gives eternity, her love is even greater for us!) We love you”, declared Renata.

Diego Gonzaga, husband of Renata Alves, and the couple's son, Dieguinho (Instagram reproduction)
Diego Gonzaga, husband of Renata Alves, and the couple’s son, Dieguinho (Instagram reproduction)


Known as Repórter Simpatia and running Hoje em Dia for a long time, Renata Alves does not leave her private life very exposed.

But, it’s no mystery to anyone and the artist doesn’t even try to hide that since 2003 she’s been in the purest love with Diego Gonzaga, a marriage that goes into its 20 years of existence.

To show her fans the love that Renata Alves has for Diego, the journalist decided to publish a click beyond romantic on social networks.

On instagram, Renata Alves posted a sequence of photos of the two lovebirds in unique moments lived by the couple, always with the best smiles on their faces.

In the caption, the journalist highlighted the moments lived with him: “With you in any season. With you sharing dreams, and conquering! In the biggest tests and challenges! With you, ALWAYS! I love you @diegogonzaga”.

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