Globo hot actress shows bride and assumes truth in program

Vitória Strada, renowned actress at Globo, returned to being among the most talked about subjects after she made a point of sharing her love life during her participation in the Sunday with Huck.

It is worth remembering that Vitória Strada and Marcella Rica have been together for almost three years and are one of the most beloved couples by the public, due to the affection with the fans and daily companionship:

“Despite the worries, I was determined to live our story”, said Vitória Strada, who was the winner of the Dança dos Famosos do Domingão and kissed her beloved on national television, showing that she was extremely in love.

Globo actress, Vitória Strada, shows the bride after taking over everything on Sunday with Huck (Photo: Reproduction)
Globo actress, Vitória Strada,
wins Dances of the Famous 2022 (Photo: Reproduction)

In fact, the couple gave an interview to the newspaper O Globo and spoke, with an open heart, about dating and what the partnership and love between the two is like:

“Several fears surface. And thinking about it is already a bad thing. It was supposed to be completely natural, after all, we’re just talking about love. Ten years ago, I would never have been here talking about a relationship with another woman lightly, without hiding anything, as I am now. For a long time, this was considered something pejorative, it could disrupt careers, be the target of haters. We didn’t know we would be accepted”, added Vitória Strada’s companion, Marcella Rica for Globo.

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It is worth mentioning that few people know, but Vitória Strada, a Globo actress, is in her first relationship with a woman, while Marcella, who has already made soap operas on Globo, had two others, but they were not made public:

“Until then I didn’t talk about my love life, I always ran away, it was a nebulous topic. We take it together. And that changes everything. I am whole at all times. I’ve never had such a healthy relationship.”

The couple’s fans nicknamed their relationship Marvi, by the combination of the names between them. Beautiful, right?

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