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William Bonner appears on the beach in a huge swim trunk

William Bonner is one of the greatest anchors in the history of journalism, having already been at the head of Jornal Nacional, at Globo, for more than two decades. At the Rio station, there is a guideline that prevents its journalists from exposing themselves too much on social networks, especially, getting involved in controversies or declaring support for politicians.

Therefore, William Bonner is very discreet when it comes to his privacy. But the editor-in-chief of JN is people like us and, a few years ago, he was caught taking a beach with Fatima Bernardes, who was his wife at the time.

With a huge swim trunks, William Bonner was taken care of by Fátima, who in addition to putting sunscreen on her face, gets kisses and hugs from the handsome guy. In one of the clicks, you can even see the presenter in a bikini too.

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William Bonner

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William Bonner and Fátima Bernardes on the beach (Photo: Reproduction/Editing)
William Bonner and Fátima Bernardes on the beach (Photo: Reproduction/Editing)

Bonner and Fatima divorce

It is worth remembering that William Bonner and Fátima Bernardes divorced in 2016, after 26 years of marriage. Together, they are the parents of triplets Beatriz, Laura and Vinícius Bonemer.

In 2018, William Bonner gave love a new chance and married the physical therapist Natasha Dantas. She, unlike him, sees no problem in exposing her intimacies on social media and always appears on her Instagram profile alongside her husband, or just sharing phrases and reflections.

Fátima Bernardes, in turn, has been dating for about four years, the federal deputy Túlio Gadelha. They live in different cities, but whenever they can be together, they post photos or videos of moments together on social media.

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