Antonia Fontenelle sues the courts against Samantha Schmutz

Fontenelle filed a criminal complaint against the comedian

Antonia Fontenelle filed a lawsuit against Samantha Schmütz, after being cursed by the actress. The name-calling took place at the end of June, after Fontenelle commented on the case involving the actress. Klara Brown.

According to information from columnist Fábia Oliveira, from “Em Off”, Antônia Fontenelle filed a criminal complaint against Samantha, who called her a “mangy bitch” and “inhuman slut” on the internet. The digital influencer claims that the comedian’s insults would have caused serious damage to her image.

In the complaint, she asks for the designation of a date for a conciliation hearing, if it does not take place, the ex-wife of Marcos Paul asks that the actress be convicted of the crimes of slander, defamation and slander. According to Fontenelle, opening the complaint is a way of acting preventively and discouraging people from adopting positions similar to those of Schmütz, which she calls vexatious.

In addition to Samantha, Antônia Fontenelle has also been fighting in court with the former professional basketball athlete, Murilo Becker. Recently, the presenter contested the request for compensation of R$ 500 thousand made by the author of the action, for moral damages for image violation.

The fight in the courts between the two began after Antônia Fontenelle interviewed Murilo’s ex-wife and mother of his four children and stated that the former athlete is an “aggressor”.

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At dawn on June 27, presenter Antônia Fontenelle appeared indignantly on her social networks, after watching the special article shown by Fantástico, on Globo, about the account of actress Klara Castanho.

After Klara Castanho released an open letter about a rape situation in which she was a victim, the Sunday newspaper decided to address the matter in a report that Antônia Fontenelle called cowardly. Revolted, she didn’t like the way she was quoted in the journalist’s article Renata Ceribelli.

“I just saw an article that I would say cowardly, in Fantástico, attacking me, citing my name as the villain of a macabre story”, said Antônia Fontenelle, denying her guilt for the news having leaked to the media.


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