Larissa Manoela and her boyfriend are caught in a very intimate atmosphere on the beach

Love is in the air, on social media and also on the beach! On Wednesday afternoon (31), for example, Larissa Manoela and the boyfriend, André Luiz Frambachwere caught training together and exchanging kisses on Barra da Tijuca beach, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

The couple, who started dating in July of this year, took advantage of the break in their schedule to play footvolley and miss each other, since Larissa spent a few days in Europe, away from her boyfriend.

To enjoy the moment of leisure, the actress wore a pink outfit consisting of a top and shorts. André, currently on the air on TV Globo’s telenovela Cara e Coragem, he was shirtless, wearing only printed shorts.

In addition to playing sports, they took the opportunity to exchange kisseswhich were recorded by a paparazzo who was on site. “Plenty of training day”said Larissa in a post on her social network.

Check out photos of Larissa Manoela and André Luiz Frambach on the beach:

Larissa and André Luiz Frambach’s dating

Larissa and André Luiz Frambach started getting involved in September of last year. However, at the time, the romance did not go forward. This year, however, they found each other again and since then, they are still together and in love.

“When it’s meant to be, it is.”said the actress in an interview with Quem. “We didn’t date back then, we were just getting to know each other and it was supposed to be just now”explained the famous.

On the social networks, the couple is always exchanging declarations of love. Recently, for example, the actress posted a click next to her beloved and wrote: “The one responsible for shooting the soldier. It took 100% out of my bad thug posture”highlighted.

In sequence, The actor said he is already “in game over” with the novel: “My love, I’m already in game over and I don’t even need to declare it, it’s more than clear!”he replied.

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