Marcos Mion collapses in the last Caldeirola: “He couldn’t”

Marcos Mion collapses when recording the last day of ‘Caldeirola’ on Globo

Yesterday afternoon, Tuesday (30), Marcos Mion, who runs the ‘Cauldron’ on Globo TV, caught the attention of colleagues backstage at the attraction.

For those who don’t know, the Globo presenter recorded the last ‘Caldeirola’ of the season.

Therefore, according to information released by the ‘Em Off’ website, Marcos Mion was very touched by the farewell of the jurors and he couldn’t contain his emotion and had to be contained.

Geninho Simonetti, director of the attraction, appeared on stage minutes before ‘Caldeirão’ began to be recorded and made a speech, where he spoke about the reunion with Marcos Mion.

Including, the director was also teary-eyed during the speech, as well as the presenter. It is worth noting that during the deposition, the professional was very grateful to all the employees and reinforced the team’s unity.

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Juliana Paes, who was present at the time, was in tears as she watched the director hug Marcos Mion.


Soon after, the Globo contractor, reinforced the importance of the ‘Caldeirão’ in the afternoons of the channel and the entire message that the attraction conveys to the public at home.

In addition, Nany People, Otávio Muller, Juliana Paes and Robson Nunes, who were part of the picture, were highly praised by Marcos Mion.

Including, on the last day of recording the painting ‘Calderola’, the presenter received Skank on stage at Caldeirão, to cheer not only the audience but the viewers.

It is worth mentioning that Samuel Rosa remembered the past with Marcos Mion when he was still working at MTV, thanking him for the partnership.

‘Garota Nacional’ and ‘Vou Deixar’, were hits that the band sang this Tuesday (30).


Unlike ‘Caldeirola’, the paintings ‘Toque de Caixa’ and ‘Sobe o Som’ will continue to be featured on the program and will even continue to be recorded at Globo Studios in Rio de Janeiro by Marcos Mion.

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The article is in Portuguese

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