Marcelo Adnet makes emotional outburst about abuse he suffered in childhood

Marcelo Adnet
Marcelo Adnet spoke about abuse he suffered in childhood (Image: Disclosure / Globo)

Marcelo Adnet he opened his heart and revealed that talking about his childhood sexual abuse helped him to end the trauma. In addition, the artist told about the challenges of fatherhood.

I do everything. I’m not an Instagram parent. In fact, there, I’m less of a father. I find it more interesting to do than to show. Mainly for her, who is already rejecting the photo. I’m not going to stick her face around either. Someone will say ‘how ugly, cross-eyed, fat’, I’ll want to kill the person”he said, laughing, to the newspaper O Globo.

The comedian assured that he is transformed because of the love he feels for his daughter:

“It’s the first time in my life that I have something unavoidable. If I’m sick and she cries, I’ll have to go, I have no choice. If it poops, I’ll have to clean it up. When she finishes her coffee, I feel full and then realize I haven’t eaten. I put another human being in front of me for real.”

Marcelo Adnet, then, talked about how he intends to teach his daughter to defend herself from possible abuse and how he intends to talk about it.

“It’s just that I find it easier to fight for my daughter than to apologize for a son. Fighting positively for someone makes more sense than having to go in with guilt, apologizing. Alice is very angry, she only does what she wants, she is strong, screams, gives a scandal. She is not an easy person to slack off”said.

He added: “It makes me more comfortable. Being her friend, accepting her for who she is, I guess, but if something goes wrong, who’s going to tell me. And I will be there to help.”

Asked about the importance of talking about the abuse he suffered, Adnet highlighted that celebrities “encourage other people and create an awareness. When no one debates, it becomes a taboo, a shadow, it seems that the subject does not exist. It takes courage to speak up. Nobody is forced to go public. It can be too painful. But whoever has the strength must speak up to raise awareness”.

Marcelo Adnet talks about privacy

Still in the interview, the famous spoke about overcoming the trauma: “Putting it out is part of overcoming it. It’s almost a full stop. ‘This happened and I can talk about why it doesn’t hurt or victimize me’. It’s part of my story too. There’s an individual thing, to make peace with that in the sense of ‘throw it to the wind, it’s gone, it’s gone’. If it’s just kept inside us, it’s worse.”

The artist recalled that his life has already been “invaded” and assured that “it is something I assume when I leave the house, if not, I will get stressed”.

“I read well [com a falta de privacidade]. I don’t mind making a faux pas, being underdressed or slightly drunk. They are human things. We need to allow ourselves, otherwise we go crazy. I like parties, samba, outdoor programs. I will not deprive myself. But you have to be careful, a notion to understand that it’s not exactly fair, because of course we should have the right to let go and not be watched by anyone, but it’s not the reality “, vented.

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