Fabiana Justus receives tribute from nurse at hospital window

Fabiana Justus receives tribute from nurse at hospital window
Fabiana Justus receives tribute from nurse at hospital window

Fabiana Justus, daughter of Roberto Justus, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and, inside the hospital in SP, received a motivational tribute from her nurse.

Fabiana Justus received tribute from nurse in hospital

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Fabiana Justus, daughter of businessman and presenter Roberto Justus, received a tribute made on the windows of the hospital room where she is admitted, in São Paulo. Several phrases were written on the glass to motivate her in the treatment to cure the disease. acute myeloid leukemia.

In a post on your account Instagramthe influencer published the photo with writings such as, ‘Love heals’ and ‘Brazil is with you’, with a sunset in the background.

“A beautiful late afternoon gift”, she wrote this Friday, 2. The tribute was made by nurse Simone Maciel.

The influencer revealed the diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia last Thursday, the 25th, saying that she will be hospitalized for a month to begin chemotherapy treatment. On social media, Fabiana has been sharing how the treatment process is going, including some changes she made to her diet.

On Tuesday, the 30th, she said that her hair had already started to fall out due to the treatment. “Taking a selfie while I still have my hair. It’s already falling out non-stop,” she said in her stories.

Leukemia diagnosis

Fabiana was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, a condition she discovered when she went to the emergency room because of back pain and fever. “I’m very confident, my family, my friends and especially my doctors gave me a lot of confidence,” she said.

“Obviously, there are moments when I feel more shocked. I still don’t really understand what’s happening. When I wake up here in the hospital, I remember that this is true. Because, until then, sometimes I get the feeling that I’m in a nightmare, I go wake up and it won’t be that”, he added.

Excited, she also spoke about the process of weaning her son Luigi and the difficulty of being away from her 4-year-old twins Chiara and Sienna. During the first stage of treatment, visits must be controlled.

“What is hurting me the most is having to be away from my children, but I also know that it is a phase and that it will pass. My doctors even let my children visit me from time to time, taking all precautions, because I’m going to have to be more isolated”, he explained.

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