Kiss between Mc Bin Laden and Giovanna moves the web: ‘Finally’


The funk player’s involvement with his sister caught the house’s attention; on social media, there were those who supported and those who were against

Reproduction/twitter/@BBBMc Bin Laden and Giovanna kiss at BBB 24 party

MC Bin Laden and Giovanna kissed at the party on Friday, the 2nd, at BBB 24. After many advances from the funk player, the sister ended up giving in. Despite having given a peck last Thursday, the 1st, and Bin Laden had declared in the situation that he would not accept just a peck. “If you want to kiss me, I will. But I don’t accept peals anymore,” he said. Initially, Giovanna she was afraid to become romantically involved with the funk player, as she feared that this could influence the game, both for her and for him. Before the kiss took place, Bin Laden made a point of making it clear to his sister that, if she wasn’t interested, that was fine and that it wouldn’t change the relationship between them. The relationship between MC Bin Laden and Giovanna has been one of the most talked about topics by participants and the public of BBB 24. There were those who ‘shipped’ and others who were against it. Although they still don’t declare themselves as a couple, they shared the second kiss of the edition. The first went to Deniziane and Matteus

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