‘There is a lack of solidarity. You have to at least be grateful’

‘There is a lack of solidarity. You have to at least be grateful’
‘There is a lack of solidarity. You have to at least be grateful’

Luiza Brunet never thought about being confined to “Big Brother Brasil”. Unlike her daughter Yasmin, who always watched the reality show and saw herself participating in the game, the businesswoman considers herself too agitated to remain locked up in the same property for a hundred days, living with the same people.

– No way! I never imagined myself nor do I want to imagine myself. I’m super active, I wouldn’t have the slightest condition! — She says, laughing.

But, when following the routine inside the most watched house in Brazil, Luiza dares to compare: she would be as good at domestic tasks as Davi from Bahia.

— I love cooking, I like tidying things… When I saw Davi washing, cleaning everything, making food, I thought: “I would be like that in there.” It’s a way to distract yourself, to occupy your head. I think it’s wonderful the way he moves and prepares the food with love, sets the table beautifully — he praises, then laments: — The problem is that the people there don’t even bother, they don’t even come close. And I speak for everyone, including Yasmin. There is a lack of solidarity there.

Luiza emphasizes that living in a community suggests mutual help and empathy.

— You need to understand that when you live in a house, inside or outside a “Big Brother”, you have to pay attention to the movements. You need to value those who do more for you, without being obliged; You have to have affection and affection to at least be grateful. If you don’t know how to cook, help by peeling a potato or an onion. In my opinion, no one there is behaving as they should. It’s very individualistic! This just shows how little commitment people have in society, with those around them. This impresses me.

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Unlike her daughter, who has sometimes demonstrated that she does not identify with the Bahian, Luiza says she sympathizes with Davi.

— I’m not living in the house 24 hours a day, I don’t feel the problems they go through there. But I think Davi is a good player. Everyone should have their role there. No one has an obligation to do anything for anyone. He does it and is still alone — he reinforces, continuing: — When I cook, I open some wine, put on music, invite friends to stay with me in the kitchen, chatting. It’s great to have a moment together, not to feel lonely.

The businesswoman claims that Yasmin inherited her domestic skills, although she is not demonstrating this on the program…

— I was surprised that she didn’t know how to turn the sandwich maker (laughs). She must have been very out of orbit… Because she lives alone, she knows how to get by very well. And Yasmin is super organized. Her closet is clean, tidy. She does her home shopping right, it’s just pride!

2 of 2 Yasmin Brunet cries when hugging Davi in ​​one of the rare moments of closeness between the two on “BBB 24” — Photo: Reproduction/ Globoplay
Yasmin Brunet cries as she hugs Davi in ​​one of the rare moments of closeness between the two on “BBB 24” — Photo: Reproduction/ Globoplay

Currently working as an activist for women’s rights, against any type of violence, Luiza believes that time on national television could be better used by participants to debate important topics for life in society:

— There is a good place for you to take a stand, bring up issues that bother you, debate about war, hunger, prejudices… The “BBB” is an opportunity, a laboratory to make waves out here. It’s not just about shaking your butt and watching shows. That’s my vision.

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