Paulo Mathias makes a bombastic revelation after resigning from Jovem Pan


Paulo Mathias left the channel and should continue on a new channel (Image: Reproduction / Jovem Pan)

Paulo Mathias used social media this week to talk about his departure from Young panannounced last Wednesday (31).

The journalist spent almost 5 years at the station and explained that the decision was taken by mutual agreement, taking the opportunity to thank the now former company:

“After almost five uninterrupted years of a lot of work, a lot of dedication, and above all a lot of learning, I am leaving Jovem Pan. This decision was taken by mutual agreement, between me and the broadcaster, and the feeling that I take with me is of pure and absolute gratitude for everything I experienced there.”

The presenter reinforced that he spent the best years of his life on the channel, “absolutely crazy”, but that it made him learn a lot.

Paulo added that he would like to thank the bosses who passed through his life, as well as other employees with whom he worked daily.

Paulo Mathias details his departure from Jovem Pan

The former commander of Morning Show He took the opportunity to explain that he had no conflict with Jovem Pan and that he only chose to follow new paths.

“I want to make it clear to you that this is a decision that is based mainly on my desire to never be complacent in my life, to think that somehow things settle down and that is how it is. No”, explained.

According to the journalist, sometimes it is necessary to take two steps back to try something new, different, but always with the aim of learning in every way to get something out of life.

Paulo also concluded by admitting that he went through a turbulent and difficult period. At the end of his speech, the presenter explained that he has new work ahead of him and will tell his audience what is coming soon.

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