‘What Belo lost…’

‘What Belo lost…’
‘What Belo lost…’

Viviane Araujo displays a toned body in a tight look and internet users remember her relationship with Belo.

Photo: Instagram / Purepeople

Viviane Araujoless than two weeks before the samba school parades at Carnival 2024, shared a new photo at the gym showing off his toned body that is the result of an intense training routine with a personal celebrity favorite.

This Friday (02), the ‘Fazenda’ champion, currently married to Guilherme Militãoshared a new photo on her Instagram profile showing all her physical beauty. Wearing a skin-tight nude jumpsuit, the celebrity lifted her butt and highlighted the curves in the region..

What also didn’t go unnoticed were Vivi Araujo’s toned legs, which were highlighted in the comments. Amid so much praise, a comment from a follower gave her fans something to talk about: “What BELO lost, not even the beast will find!!“, said a young man, making a pun on his old marriage.

Belo and Viviane Araujo were together for 9 years, and the relationship ended in 2007, the same year the singer assumed his relationship with Gracyanne Barbosa. The actress even supported her ex-husband when he was arrested for drug trafficking.

The artist’s publication also received a series of responses highlighting the current beauty of the Queen of Salgueiro. “I’m the only one who thought she was NAKED,” commented one shocked person. “0 defects”, praised another. “What a beautiful woman!!!”, highlighted a third.

Viviane Araujo is the queen of queens at Brazilian Carnival

Although she is a year-round muse, Viviane Araujo enhances her fame at the annual Carnival…

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