Genilson Araujo begins chemotherapy after removal of aggressive tonsil cancer | News


The air reporter Genilson Araujo64 years old, known on TV Globo’s Rio news programs for following the movement of Rio residents around the city and its surroundings from a Globocop helicopter, posted a video on Instagram this week about his treatment for aggressive cancer in the tonsil region.

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Away from television since the beginning of December last year, he had to undergo surgery in just two days due to the severity of the case.

“Hi, guys! Okay? For those who don’t know, I had to have tonsil cancer removed at the beginning of December. I had the surgery, everything went well, everything was great, the cancer went away, the tumor went away… But yeah I need to complement it with chemotherapy and radiotherapy”, he said.

“Today I’m starting my first chemotherapy here. Thank God, everything went well, okay, radiotherapy went well too and I think, based on the planning here that I saw from the people at the hospital, in another month, a month and a half , I’m getting out of this. Okay? A kiss for those who are in the crowd. I certainly know that everyone is, thank you for the prayers, for the affection from all of you. Gegê is back. Kisses to everyone”, he added .

In the caption of the video, he gave more details about how he is facing the treatment. “One day at a time, with faith in God, in the orixás, saints, phalanxers, in science, in prayers, prayers, prayers, in the work and in the strength of all of you. I felt all this energy, believe me, in this difficult moment in my life. I repeat, MOMENT, because life is made up of good and bad phases. Wisdom lies in understanding this and accepting it, without stopping fighting for the best for us. Kisses”, he reflected.

Genilson Araujo starts chemotherapy

Striking coverages

Throughout his career, some coverages marked the reporter’s trajectory. The collapse of the Palace II building, in Barra da Tijuca, in 1998, was one of them. The journalist followed the firefighters’ rescue work from the helicopter, on Carnival Saturday.

In 2010, the Morro do Bumba landslide, in Niterói, Metropolitan Region of Rio, killed 267 people, in addition to leaving people injured and homeless. “It was raining a lot, a lot, an absurd rainfall. The coverage lasted for hours and hours, we came back, refueled and took off again. When I arrived at Morro do Bumba, I was impressed to see that it had turned into a tomb for a lot of people. A landfill, people built it there, there was a lack of authority on the part of the authorities in trying to remove people and, with the water that infiltrated, everything came down. It was very sad to see from above, the firefighters trying to rescue, of taking bodies, seeing if they could find anyone alive, all that drama”, he recalled in an interview with the website Globo Memory.

Another notable coverage by the air reporter was the attack by a former student on students and teachers at Escola Tasso da Silveira, in Realengo, in 2011. In the helicopter to cover the routine program, Genilson was warned by the newsroom that there were problems at the location . Still not knowing what it was about, he was concerned about only transmitting confirmed information, without divulging what social networks were propagating.

“I arrived before our report and started to narrate what I was seeing: ‘Look, there really was an incident here, something very serious at this school’. As I spoke, more information came that had already been checked. With social media, a lot of information arrives in a newsroom. You don’t have to reverberate a lie, conflicting information or a rumor.”

2 of 2 Genilson Araujo — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Genilson Araujo — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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