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Committed to a project of dedication and overcoming, Marcos Mion surprises his followers with an impressive physical transformation. Preparing for a challenging film role, the presenter shared his “new shape” on Instagram, the result of months of hard work. “Feeling very proud” of her achievements, Mion reveals the behind-the-scenes of this metamorphosis.

Marcos Mion was inspired by his son for his film script

Champion Routine

Among the secrets to her success, Mion highlights consistency and focus. Even balancing the recording of “Caldeirão” with his preparation, he did not neglect his rigorous exercise routine. “To have what few have, you have to do what few do!” He exclaims, highlighting the philosophy that took him beyond expectations – including his own.

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From Bodybuilder to Actor

The role of Max Machadada in “MMA – Meu Melhor Amigo” required Mion not only physical preparation, but also emotional preparation. Revealing that the muscles “were already there”, the result of more than a decade of dedication to bodybuilding, the presenter emphasizes that the challenge was to adapt this base to the specific demands of his character. A project that, according to him, demanded “discipline and resilience like never before”.

Marcos Mion is moved by Romeo: ‘Grateful to have had an autistic son’

A Story of Love and Overcoming

In addition to physical preparation, “MMA – Meu Melhor Amigo” promises to be a touching work. Inspired by Mion’s relationship with her son Romeo, the film explores themes such as fatherhood, autism and the search for meaning in the face of life’s challenges. Directed by José Alvarenga Jr. and produced in collaboration with Formata Produções and Star Original Productions, the film tells the story of Max, an MMA fighter in the twilight of his career, who finds himself faced with the challenge of connecting with his son eight-year-old autistic man as he prepares for the most important fight of his life.

Mion’s process to get where he is now involves several professionals committed to helping him get the best out of his body.

The presenter’s dedication is such that he created the Mion Fitness, an Instagram profile focused solely on her workout routine. On the page you can see Romeo’s father training with several experts.

Waiting for the Big Launch

Scheduled to premiere in 2025, “MMA – Meu Melhor Amigo” is more than a film about fights; is a story about personal battles, overcoming and the transformative power of love. With a cast of talents such as Andreia Horta and Vanessa Giacomo, the film promises to move and inspire audiences across the country.

Don’t forget to watch the video below, it shows Marcos Mion’s fantastic transformation!

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