Paolla Oliveira recalls criticism in the preparation for carnival


Paolla Oliveira reveals that she has already disapproved of her body due to criticism and talks about the fight against machismo

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For the queen of Big River, Paola Oliveira, carnival became a place of liberation. The actress receives a lot of criticism because of her body, but she made it clear that none of them will stop her.

However, Paolla was not always so sure of herself. Last year, criticism from internet users made her disapprove of the body she saw in the mirror. “I heard all the time that my thighs were too thick, that I was too short, that I was full”, recalled Paolla in an interview with the magazine Who.

The celebrity, who even had liposuction on her thighs, today produces various content talking about body and self-acceptance, and wants to continue playing this role to encourage other women to like their own bodies.

The comments were once a shock to her, but now she doesn’t care at all: “I respond: ‘Ah! Leave me in peace!’. When I read these types of comments, I want to go out into the street even more to see what these stupid people are going to say the next day.”

Sovereign Queen! See Paolla Oliveira’s looks this carnival

At Carnival, the looks become even more evident. For the actress, criticism is not just about judging her and other women’s bodies. “It’s about a woman being discredited if she wears a certain outfit to a business meeting. Not being taken seriously if she has curly, natural hair. Have you ever seen a man being discredited because he wears such clothes or because he has a belly? His ability is not measured externally,” she reflected.

For Paolla, the fight is not to give up trying to change the scenario, in addition to always bringing more women into this questioning, until the day comes when it will no longer be necessary to talk about the issue.

“So many women have reached out to me to thank me and say that they no longer care about these judgments,” said the artist.

“The search for self-confidence never ends. Every day we have to do maintenance so that we don’t fall into holes. When we take our conscious place, whether in carnival, in life or in marriage, things have greater weight, they become more important”, he concluded.

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