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Dado Dolabella loses his temper and goes after being exposed by Luana Piovani: “Criminal”


Dado Dolabella filed a lawsuit (Images: Reproduction – Instagram / Montage – RD1)

Dolabella Data spoke out on Instagram after Luana Piovani rescue the aggression that the actor committed against her while the two were dating.

Without mentioning the actress’s name, the celebrity revealed that he filed a lawsuit after seeing a series of publications about her in which influenced authors lied for a sequence of videos with “extremely defamatory and slanderous accusations” of “a lady”.

A lady who encourages the public to call me a criminal and who every now and then uses her networks to cause controversy for her own benefit, I took action to obtain the authors’ personal data in order to take legal action.”he said.

“The judge granted the injunction and ordered the social network to provide all the data of one of the authors of the publications that slandered and defamed me. The judge understood that the publication reveals potential damage to my image” he amended.

“The decision handed down by the Judge makes it clear that the social network is not a lawless land, and everyone who continues will be subject to answering for the crimes committed”he concluded.

Luana Piovani has been talking about Dado Dolabella

A few weeks ago, the presenter pointed out that Wanessa Camargo’s presence at BBB 2024 is giving Dado media.

Seeing that many people are enjoying the “cute couple”, as the celebrity herself said, Piovani said that her ex-boyfriend is an aggressor.

On the web, many people supported Luana and highlighted the absurdity made by the artist years ago.

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