After opening a case and celebrating the court’s decision, Dado Dolabella talks about Luana Piovani


Dado Dolabella’s defense refuted allegations about the process involving the artist. (Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram)

Since Wanessa Camargo’s confinement on BBB 24, reports about Dado Dolabella have surfaced again. As a result, the singer’s boyfriend stated that he was being defamed on social media, and filed a lawsuit for moral damages. In a text shared, this Thursday (1st), he detailed the case and exposed prints of the documents.

“Recently, upon becoming aware of several publications about me in which the authors of the publications lied, influenced by a sequence of videos with extremely defamatory and slanderous accusations from a lady who incites the public to call me a criminal and who every now and then uses their social networks to cause controversy for their own benefit, I filed lawsuits to immediately obtain the personal data of the authors to take legal action.”Dado communicated on his Instagram.

The actor also pointed out details of the court decision. “The judge granted the injunction and ordered the social network to provide all the data of one of the authors of the publications that slandered and defamed me. The judge understood that the publication reveals potential damage to my image. This decision refers to only one of the actions filed. Waiting for other decisions”he explained, without mentioning the person’s name.

“The decision handed down by the judge makes it clear that the social network is not a lawless land, and everyone who continues will be subject to answering for the crimes committed”, concluded Dado. In the caption, he reinforced the statement. “Media and social networks are not a lawless land. Whoever propagated or continues to propagate the lies and defamatory accusations will have to answer to the courts.”he wrote. Look:

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At first, Dado avoided mentioning any name in his speech, but eventually ended up referring to Luana Piovani, his ex-girlfriend. The actress had been publishing publications accusing Dolabella of a series of attacks.

The actor spoke about the presenter when responding to a comment from an internet user in the publication. “As always acting against women”criticized the profile. “In Luana’s case, I was acquitted in the STF by Minister Rosa Weber. I’m just defending myself from slander and also from those who come along with it.”he replied.

Dado shared the print in stories, and added: “The one who is acting against it is her, who forgets that I have a daughter. She lives with me and depends on me”.

Dado Dolabella reacts to internet user’s comment (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

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