Leonardo’s alleged daughter reveals her son’s essay and talks about DNA

Leonardo’s alleged daughter reveals her son’s essay and talks about DNA
Leonardo’s alleged daughter reveals her son’s essay and talks about DNA

The singer’s supposed daughter Leonardo, 27-year-old Dyane Acácio, was enchanted by showing her son’s photoshoot. She is the mother of a boy, but the boy does not live with Dyane. This is because Dyane is living in Portugal and she moved to the country without her son.

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Dyane’s son currently lives in Brazil with his grandparents, who are her adoptive parents. Dyane was adopted when she was still a baby. She has a great relationship with her adoptive father and mother, so much so that they are the ones raising her own son. Dyane has already said that she is trying to prepare everything to bring her son to live with her in Portugal.

The boy now did a photo shoot in Brazil. He went to the place accompanied by his grandmother, who took part in the photos with the little boy. Dyane shared the rehearsal on her social networks and said: “A special day to remember”. She also showed that she saw behind the scenes of the rehearsal via video call with her son.

Dyane believes she could be the singer’s daughter Leonardo because he received letters from his birth mother early last year. In the letters, Dyane’s biological mother stated that the singer was her biological father.

The young woman is then trying to carry out a DNA test to confirm whether she is indeed the daughter of Leonardo. If the test comes back positive, she will be the singer’s number seven child! She said that she has not yet performed a DNA test on the singer.

Furthermore, Dyane explained that she has currently paused her process to find out whether she is the countryman’s daughter or not. This is because she is in the process of organizing her housing documentation in Portugal and cannot leave the European country. So, she would not be able to come to Brazil to take the DNA test. Dyane said that at the moment she is considering the matter closed and also made it clear that when she carries out the DNA test she will inform internet users. “I am in Portugal. I can’t leave the country in the next few months, because of my document that expires next month, and the body that deals with this here in Portugal has changed, it’s no longer Seff, so until I organize my things this case is closed!” , she said.

Leonardo's supposed grandson in rehearsal with his grandmotherLeonardo's supposed grandson in rehearsal with his grandmother
Leonardo’s supposed grandson together with his grandmother

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