Yasmin suggests that Xepa brothers eat VIP food; understand


This Wednesday, 31st, confined people were talking about the end of Xepa’s food when the model spoke out

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31 Jan
– 4:55 p.m.

(updated at 5:28 pm)

Yasmin Brunet suggested a change in diet, a change that was not accepted by Marcus and Leidy.

Yasmin suggests that brothers eat VIP food

Photo: Reproduction/Globoplay

On the afternoon of this Wednesday, 31st, the participants of the BBB24, from TV Globo, were talking in the pool about the end of food at Xepa, when Yasmin Brunet made a different proposal. The model suggested that those confined eat the VIP’s food, if the whole group agrees.

“It’s unfair. The VIP has food, Xepa doesn’t. People, without eating, go to an endurance test hungry and whoever is in Xepa won’t win”, said Alane. Deniziane then replied: “But then, you guys didn’t divide it right.”

“Anything, we’ll see with the VIP if it’s okay for everyone to go to Tá Com Nada. And then, we’ll eat VIP food and the Tá Com Nada food will arrive”, proposed Yasmin.

“I would be pissed, if I were Leader, and I would be at Tá Com Nada. He’s going to Tá Com Nada too. He’s going to eat nothing”, said Leidy Elin.

“In fact, a fight will start if that happens,” said the model.

Alane then spoke about being something for the ‘good of everyone’, but was soon refuted by Marcus Vinicius and Leidy Elin. They stated that they would not accept the proposal.

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