Saulo Poncio is arrested in the United States

Saulo Poncio is arrested in the United States
Saulo Poncio is arrested in the United States

Saulo Poncio was arrested in Orlando, United States, on November 4th. According to the Gossip do Dia page, the bail for the singer to be released was $88,500 and he would have to pay 10% of that amount.

According to the page, Saulo Poncio has already been released and is currently on Brazilian soil. The singer was reportedly seen in Miami on November 11th, days after being detained and seen at Galeão airport, in Rio de Janeiro, on the 13th.


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Find out why Saulo Poncio left religious life aside

Pastor Márcio Poncio, father of Saulo Poncio, shared a post about UM44K, by his son with Luan Otten. The band released their first work in 2017, but came to an end in 2020. “What’s next?” he asked. The column, which knows everything and more, gives you a spoiler of what the patriarch was trying to say.


According to an exclusive source, the duo will return with full force. The decision to end UM44K was made by the two together, in a friendly manner.” The end of the duo was a decision made by Saulo, after his encounter with God. We are brothers and we have a great intimacy of being able to say what we are feeling”, said Luan at the time, for UOL.

While UM44K was out of the music market, the artist pursued a solo career and made appearances with Jonathan Couto, Lourena, Whindersson Nunes, Vitão, Lukinhas and Ruxell.

Saulo, according to a statement from the record company at the time, Warner Music, stepped away from the stage to “dedicate himself entirely to religious issues”. The singer was also involved in controversies with his ex-wife, Gabi Brandt, in addition to becoming a father for the third time.

“I’m feeling free, trying to have a life in search of more knowledge, searching for words, studying more, getting to know myself better. We will remain brothers, but instead of band partners, we will continue to be life partners”, clarified the Poncio heir, when announcing that he would give up his career.

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