Pearl Jam fans remember the band’s response to the tragedy that killed 9

Pearl Jam fans remember the band’s response to the tragedy that killed 9
Pearl Jam fans remember the band’s response to the tragedy that killed 9

In recent days, we have all been upset by the news that a fan of Taylor Swift died during the artist’s show in Rio de Janeiro.

The tragedy occurred during the singer’s first performance in the city and influenced the postponement of the second, which was rescheduled for today (20) at the same Engenhão stadium.

When performing yesterday (19) after the death of Ana Clara Benevides, Taylor Swift did not say anything about what happened and did not pay tribute to her follower, causing many people, including fans, to demand a position from the artist that until now has not come. except for a generic message in Instagram Stories.

Pearl Jam fans remember tragedy

With the discussion in full swing, fans of Pearl Jam recalled the sad “Roskilde tragedy”, which happened in 2000.

The festival takes place in the region of the same name, which is in Denmark, and has been held since 1971 until today.

23 years ago, the band led by Eddie Vedder was performing his show when an accident caused people to fall and be unable to get up, becoming trapped between the legs of other spectators and the floor.

Nine Pearl Jam fans died of asphyxiation and another 26 were injured, in an episode that ended up marking the band’s life forever.

Frequent Tributes and Lyrics

With a completely different attitude from Taylor Swift, the members of Pearl Jam and the band’s official media often talk about the issue and pay tribute to the victims even so long after.

On June 30, 2000, when the accident completed 20 years, the band shared the image and text above on their social networks, in addition to a larger letter on their website.

In 2002, on the album Riot Actthe band released a song called “Love Boat Captain”whose lyrics talk about the incident:

It’s an art to live with pain
Blend light into gray
We lost nine friends we’ll never know
Exactly two years ago today
What if our lives became too long
Would that add to our grief?

Taylor Swift still has four shows in Brazil The Eras Tour, one in Rio de Janeiro and three in São Paulo. It would be nice, at least, to have a passage that recalls Ana Clara’s life during one of the presentations, but we are not sure that it will happen.

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