Silvia Abravanel reveals that she was kicked out of the house by Iris Abravanel



Camile Brito – Special for Uai

11/20/2023 17:45

Silvia Abravanel surprised when she revealed that, at the age of 16, she was kicked out of the house by her stepmother, Iris Abravanel, during the podcast “Bagaceira Chique”, by Luciana Gimenez.

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According to the daughter of the owner of the bazaar, the coexistence between the two was not very good during her adolescence, causing Silvio Santos’ second wife to take the drastic action: “I was asked to leave, as a punishment. My mother thought I was at that annoying stage. I left because I had no choice”ate.

The presenter, who was adopted by Silvio Santos and his first wife, Cidinha Abravanel, continued: “I’ve had many months in my life” and decided never to return to live with his parents: “I went to live in my parents’ office. A bedroom and a living room were made for me. I lived with the caretakers. I took off everything, took off my clothes. Everything left the house. I was silly, very childish”remembers.

Silvia Abravanel continued: “I was sad, I was in bed for a month. Zilda raised me from the age of 16 until today”and concluded that, despite the conflicts with Iris, the presenter stated that she maintains a good relationship with her stepmother: “My father didn’t want me to be a veterinarian. When I went to live in Presidente Prudente to go to college, Iris helped me. She secretly paid for my college tuition, bought my books…”

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