Report records pulmonary hemorrhage as cause of death of fan who fainted at Taylor Swift concert – News

Report records pulmonary hemorrhage as cause of death of fan who fainted at Taylor Swift concert – News
Report records pulmonary hemorrhage as cause of death of fan who fainted at Taylor Swift concert – News

Ana Clara died from pulmonary hemorrhage
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A preliminary autopsy report on the body of young Ana Clara Benevides, aged 23, recorded pulmonary hemorrhage as the cause of death. A fan of singer Taylor Swift fell ill during the artist’s concertin Engenhão, in the north of Rio de Janeiro, on Friday (17), and did not survive after suffering a cardiac arrest.

The police still do not know whether the incident was caused by extreme heat or another reason and, therefore, requested a supplementary report to clarify the case. A 24th DP (Piedade) is in charge of the investigations and must receive test results within 30 days.

“One of the effects of heatstroke is pulmonary hemorrhage. This is an indication. The IML cannot say at the moment that Ana Clara died of heatstroke”, explained delegate Juliana Almeida.

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The young woman received her first care at the stadium. Teams of firefighters and paramedics helped the young woman, according to the event organizers. Given her health condition, she was taken to Salgado Filho Hospital, in Méier, in the same region.

Ana Clara arrived at the hospital with cardiorespiratory arrest, according to information from the health unit. Doctors attempted resuscitation maneuvers, but the patient did not survive.

The young woman’s body was taken to the municipality of Sonora, in Mato Grosso do Sul, where she should be buried on Tuesday (21).

Testimony from the friend who accompanied Ana Clara

The friend who accompanied the university student on the first day of Taylor Swift’s performance in Rio said that Ana Clara suddenly fainted when the show was in the second song.

According to the delegate, the girl stated that her colleague complained about the excessive heat, but appeared to be well and happy before the show. The two would have hydrated and fed in the queue and inside the stadium.

Ana Clara’s friend also told the police that she heard rescuers use the expression “code blue” during the service. According to the delegate, this means that the victim was in cardiorespiratory arrest.

The patient would have suffered some cardiac arrests, including in the ambulance, before arriving at the hospital, according to investigations.

Extreme heat

Fans who attended the same performance reported having suffered from the intense heat and difficulty accessing water at the show.. On Friday (17), Rio had recorded a thermal sensation of 60 °C.

On Saturday (18), authorities announced a series of measures to mitigate the impacts of heat on the public at Taylor Swift’s other performances over the weekend.

He was It was even determined that the organizers allowed the public to enter with a bottle of water that could serve as a refill.

However, The show scheduled for Saturday was postponed until this Monday (20) due to extreme temperatures.

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