Ana Hickmann’s husband says he received more than 2,000 threats after attacking the presenter


Ana Hickmann and Alexandre Correa

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Alexandre Correa, Ana Hickmann’s husband, became the target of attacks on social media after the presenter denounced him for domestic violence. The businessman even exposed one of the comments he received, but ended up deleting the post on Instagram shortly afterwards.

“You’re an asshole. We’ve already had a fight in the comments of a photo,” said the internet user’s message, which was published and later reported by Alexandre.

The businessman stated that he counted the number of messages he received from haters after the attack against his wife was reported last Saturday night. “Finishing the count now. In 72 hours there are 2,854 messages of threats, hatred and promises of revenge! It would sound threatening if it weren’t so sad and humiliating”, he began on his Instagram, on Tuesday night, with one of the haters’ prints”, he wrote.

Who is Alexandre Correa, husband of Ana Hickmann?

“Knowing that I am condemned at the age of 52 to forgetting the right to have a life like any ordinary Brazilian. Internet judges and website judges gave my sentence, without the right to appeal or appeal”, he added.

What happened to Ana Hickmann?

Ana Hickmann was attacked by her husband, the businessman Alexandre Correa, on the afternoon of Saturday, 11th, at the couple’s home in Itu, in the interior of São Paulo. She had to go to a city hospital and had her left arm immobilized.

According to the Police Report, the presenter was talking to her son in the kitchen when her husband heard it and didn’t like the content. The argument scared the boy, who left the place. Alexandre allegedly pushed Ana against the wall and threatened to headbutt the presenter.

In an attempt to free herself from her husband, the presenter tried to pick up her cell phone from the table to ask for help. The businessman closed the kitchen door, hitting Ana in the arm, who ended up locking her husband out of the room and calling the police. When the Military Police arrived, the businessman was no longer at home. In response to the situation, the presenter denied protective measures provided for in the Maria da Penha Law.

Ana Hickmann: everything about the presenter’s case
Ana Hickmann: everything about the presenter’s case

Ana went to the hospital on her own and was seen by an orthopedist. Her left arm was immobilized by a bruised elbow. In a statement, she confirmed the fight, but did not mention the aggression.

“After a disagreement between Alexandre Correa and Ana Hickmann last Saturday (11), the Military Police were called and the presenter was taken to the Police District to clarify the facts. Through her press office, Ana Hickmann thanks her for her affection and the fans’ solidarity and informs that he is at home, well and fortunately he did not suffer any major consequences to his physical integrity”, says the text.

Before positioning the presenter, Alexandre denied the attack in contact with journalist Leo Dias. He later admitted the crime, but minimized the circumstances. “In fact, yesterday, I had a disagreement with my wife, an absolutely isolated situation, which did not generate any major consequences. I would also like to clarify that I never head-butted her, as is untruely being reported in the press, and that everything will be duly clarified at the appropriate time”.

* In case of violence against women, report it

Violence against women is a crime, with a prison sentence provided for by law. When you witness any episode of aggression against women, report it. You can do this by phone (calling 190 or 180). You can also look for a police station, normal or specialized. Learn more about how to report here.

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