Roberto Justus announces end of cancer treatment and family celebrates: ‘Proud of you’


Roberto Justus announced the end of his treatment for bladder cancer, diagnosed in November last year, on a social network. He published a photo of the family and celebrated the news.

Roberto Justus completes cancer treatment and family celebrates

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@rafapinheirojustus / Estadão

“Today was a very special day,” he said. “A year later, I had my last preventative treatment for immunotherapy. Now, it remains to be monitored closely for a few more years to make sure I am 100% cured.”

Rafa Justusthe result of the relationship between Roberto and Ticiane Pinheiro, paid homage to his father. “Yesterday was the day to celebrate another achievement in his life, the last session of immunotherapy. Very proud of his determination, determination and courage,” he wrote on Instagram.

Another daughter of the businessman also paid tribute to her father on social media. “I’m very proud of you, your determination and determination in everything you do. Today your treatment ended and I couldn’t be happier! Let’s celebrate life”, he wrote Fabiana Justus.

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