Flor Fernandez is removed from Fofocalizando; discover the reason | Daniel Nascimento


Published 11/09/2023 12:13

Well, dear readers, after the Daniel Nascimento column revealed, with exclusivitya change in the SBT schedule involving the program ‘Gossiping‘, this columnist who writes to you brings more news about the attraction.

Flor Fernandezone of the presenters of the creation of Silvio Santos, would have gone on vacation. However, according to our sources, the comment that is circulating is that she has complained a lot about some issues such as ‘standing for a long time’ during external recordings and, therefore, the break is actually a suspension.

According to information released by Fábia Oliveiraof ‘Metropolises‘, Flor is unsure about future changes at the station and has been working behind the scenes. The behavior would even be disapproved by colleagues and the team.

Recently, the columnist Gabriel Perlineof ‘IG‘, revealed that the presenter went to Silvio Santos’ house to take some cheese and ask him not to fire her from SBT. Also according to Perline, Flor Fernandez was unable to speak directly to the station owner. Let’s wait for the scene in the next chapters…



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