‘Is not fair’; see video

‘Is not fair’; see video
‘Is not fair’; see video

The sisters Vanessa It is Camilla Camargo spoke out for the first time since the start of the controversy involving Zezé Di Camargo and the singer’s fiancée, Graciele Lacerda. The two published a video on social media on Wednesday night, the 8th, and defended their father. Watch above.

During their speech, they did not mention Graciele’s name, who is accused of having created a false profile to defame family members, but stated that the two of them, her brother, Igor, her father, and her mother, Zilu Godói, “felt they love it very much.”

“We wanted to make it clear, first of all, that we are a family. A family that really loves each other, that respects each other. That it is perfect? ​​Never. But there was a separation between a man and a woman, not between a father and a mother and their children”, Camilla began.

“But we are here to say that, regardless of this unconditional love that we have for both our mother and our father, and the respect that we, they – they know. People may question, but they both know the love and respect that we have for them – something very unfair is going on in relation to our father”, he continued.

Camilla Camargo, Wanessa Camargo, Igor Godoi Camargo and Zezé di Camargo.

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@igor_ci / Estadão

Wanessa then joined her sister in speaking: “Belittling him as a father, as a presence and support in our lives, and we don’t see that as true. In every moment of my life when I needed my father, he was there, He welcomed me, hugged me. I know he did that to Ca, I know he did that to Igor. He does it.”

“For the people out there, media outlets, who are taking advantage of controversies, of people, judging and pointing fingers as if they were perfect. Don’t do that, because it’s not fair. My father is an extremely affectionate father, extremely generous to everyone, the foundation of an entire family, he was always that support and that strength”, said the singer.

The sisters end the video by directly addressing Zezé di Camargo and stating that “they are with him”. “Regardless of anything, we, me, Wanessa, Igor, our mother, our father, we will always be a family,” said Camilla.

What happened to the Camargo family?

The controversy with the Camargo family arose with the suspicion that Graciele, Zezé’s fiancée, was using a false profile to defame his family members. The profile allegedly belonging to her, @prisciladantas568, made comments in several publications, with allegations related to several family members. She denies the accusations.

Who would have discovered the scheme would be Amabylle Eiroa, girlfriend of Igor, Zezé’s son. She was the one who spoke out on social media about the fake profile and assured that the culprit was a person she knew.

In images released by the columnist Leo Diasthere is a comment in which “Priscila Dantas” accused Wanessa Camargo of cheating on her ex-husband, Marcos Buaiz, ​​with Dado Dolabella. He also showed a video in which Graciele was supposedly logged into the fake account.

Zezé stated that the fake profile belonged to Graciele, but defended his fiancée and said that the fake was created only to defend himself against accusations, according to the columnist Fábia Oliveira.

After that, Igor was fired from his father’s company – he had worked in the financial area of ​​countryman’s career management for five years. When talking about his dismissal, he omitted the reason for the professional break, acknowledged his father’s support and said he may return to work with him in the future.

Zezé received attacks because of his son’s publication. Shortly after Igor’s post, the singer published a clip of his new song on Instagram, Without fear of being happy, which is part of the country’s most recent audiovisual project. The post is full of comments against Zezé and in support of Igor.

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