Ex-Globo raises virtual crowdfunding and raises R$425 in 40 days for theater play


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Former Globo actress, Narjara Turetta created a virtual crowdfunding to raise money and so far, it has raised R$425. The funding aims to put on a monologue in the theater, recounting the ups and downs of one’s own life.

The campaign started 40 days ago on the internet and does not initially have a financial goal.

“Campaign without financial goal. Every amount helps! I intend to take to the stage a monologue telling my life, my trajectory, my more than 50 years on TV and on stage”, said the actress in the description on the fundraising website.

Narjara began her career at the age of five and has been in prominent productions on Globo, such as “Baila Comigo” (1981), “Amor com Amor se Paga” (1984), “Selva de Pedra” (1986 and “O Salvador da Pátria ” (1989).

She was in “Jezabel” (2019), from Record, as her last work on Open TV. Three years later, she appeared in “Maldives” (2022) on Netflix.

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The actress exposed financial problems in the last decade, revealing that he sold coconut water on the beach to survive for a few yearsalongside his mother, Maria Antônia, who died in 2018.

In 2022 he revealed that he had managed to pay off a debt of R$80,000 with a bank and had managed to stabilize himself.

Source: Redação Terra

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