“Mean Girls”: Understand why Rachel McAdams, the unforgettable Regina George, didn’t participate in commercial and reunion


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Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert came together for an iconic commercial reminiscent of the film “Mean Girls” (2004), but without Rachel McAdams. The advertising piece was launched this Wednesday (1st) and, according to Page Six, the unforgettable Regina George just didn’t want to be part of the project.

A source told the outlet that there is no bad blood between the actress, Amanda, Lindsay and Lacey. “Rachel McAdams didn’t want to do it”, he clarified. “It was offered to all of them. But the three loved being together at the reunion.”, he stated.

The witness also said that the three stars of the commercial had fun and took the opportunity to catch up on the matter. “They had so much fun talking about being mothers and it was definitely a loss not having Rachel there,” lamented.

However, this isn’t the first time McAdams has chosen to stay out of the spotlight. The artist even took a break from her successful career. In April, she told Bustle: “I felt guilty for not taking advantage of the opportunity I was given because I knew I was in a very lucky situation.”.

Rachel as Regina George in “Mean Girls”. (Michael Gibson/ Paramount/ Kobal/ Shutterstock)

But I also knew that it didn’t really fit with my personality and what I needed to stay sane.“, he added. In the interview, Rachel revealed that she turned down roles in landmark films such as “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Casino Royale”, “Mission: Impossible III”, “Iron Man” and “Get Smart”.

You don’t go to drama school to learn how to deal with [a fama]. There’s no book on how to navigate this”, he explained. “There were definitely some anxious moments where I wondered if I was throwing it all away and why I was doing it.?”, he admitted. “It took years to understand what I was doing intuitively“, he added.

The ‘Mean Girls’ commercial

The publicity stunt revived the trio from North Shore High School with an older version of Cady, Karen and Gretchen. The commercial was full of references to the film, including the release date: a Wednesday, when “Mean Girls” are always in pink. Lohan’s character emerged as the director of the institution, trying hard to appear cool. Karen used her gift for weather forecasting and became a journalist, while Gretchen appeared in a similar position to George’s mother in the film.

Lacey’s character recreated the car scene, but this time, calling her daughter to go shopping. And Gretchen’s daughter did a remake of the Christmas dance in the North Shore High School auditorium. Watch:

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