At 43, Maju Coutinho reveals pregnancy with her husband

Maju Coutinho talks about why he doesn’t want to be a mother

Maju Coutinho has been married to Agostinho Paulo since 2009. So many years of relationship have made her the target of that little question that every woman hears once in her life: when are you going to be a mother?.

Well, she already has the answer to this question and it can be disappointing to fans. In an interview with Rádio Globo, Maju commented on the idea that just because she doesn’t intend to get pregnant, she hates children. “I don’t want to be a mother, but I like children, because sometimes I have this idea. It has nothing to do. I like them and they like me.”

Then she made it clear that at the moment she doesn’t feel like being a mother, but it’s not a completely closed idea. “But it’s another thing, I can’t explain very well what it is. I don’t feel like being a mother. It’s from the inside. We’re pretty relaxed about it. If it’s going to happen, fine, one day we might have it. ‘But we are not in a hurry’, said Maju, referring to her husband.

In addition, she criticized all the pressure on the woman about being a mother. “I’m not saying that I won’t have children, that I can’t adopt. It’s not a closed topic for me, so much so that I froze my eggs at 37. But I believe that by speaking openly about it, we can reduce the pressure on women a little bit,” she said.


Last Friday (15), Maju Coutinho used social media to show an incredible moment in his life.

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Maju Coutinho reveals that he does not want to have children

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On her official Instagram profile, the presenter of Globo’s ‘Fantástico’ shared a photo holding hands with singer Iza.

In the caption, she wrote: “#TBT Show of Life in Angola with Iza”.

The publication garnered many likes and several comments from celebrities and fans, who received praise both for the report broadcast on ‘Fantástico’ and for the beauty of the two.

“Wonderful” The article was beautiful! And the podcast is awesome too,” wrote Luana Assiz.

As well as a netizen, who also made a point of leaving her comment on the publication.

“I watched the article and it was wonderful, congratulations! Too beautiful,” she wrote.

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