Chris Flores and Ana Hickmann fought badly for this reason

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Ana Hickmann and Chris Flores have already had problems behind the scenes at Record and the situation has not been resolved

Ana Hickmann and Chris Flores shared the ‘Hoje em dia’ stage at the beginning of Record’s daily program, but their relationship was strictly professional.

It all started with an exhibition made by Ana Hickmann’s husband, Alexandre Corrêa, who said that Chris Flores never gave due recognition to his wife, since, according to him, it is thanks to Ana Hickmann that Chris Flores is successful.

Ana Hickmann (Photo: reproduction)

“I forbid my wife to work with Chris Flores. Ana helped her a lot in the beginning, and she never thanked me and even spoke badly about my wife”, he declared in 2011.

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Presenter, who already rocked on SBT, suffered collective rape - Photo: Reproduction

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See the amount that Ana Hickmann, César and Tici receive on Record TV (Photo: Disclosure)

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Years later, without training with Edu Guedes, Chris Flores and Celso Zucatelli, Ana Hickmann spoke about the subject: “Professionally, we didn’t have any problems, but outside the network there was never any friendship. We tried to be friends, but it didn’t happen. We had no friction at the broadcaster, but from Record’s door to the outside is something else”.

To Metrópoles, Chris Flores said she was shocked by her colleague’s statement: “I was shocked at the time. It was terrible, I was in a deep depression, because that’s where my record of what the backstage of television was. There were a lot of people wanting to outsmart each other, one wanting to take the place of the other. And then I found out that there were people wanting to take my place”.

Chris Flores runs one of the main gossip programs in Brazil - Reproduction
Chris Flores runs one of the main gossip programs in Brazil – Reproduction


Currently, both follow completely different paths. Ana Hickmann remains in charge of Hoje em Dia, but with a different line-up, currently working with César Filho, Renata Alves and Ticiane Pinheiro.

The brunette changed broadcasters, went to SBT and runs Fofocalizando, one of the main gossip programs in Brazil.

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