“Each day that passes more disgust”

Dado Dolabella is faced with the decision of the Justice and revolts in outburst

the singer’s boyfriend Vanessathe actor Data Dolabellaappeared on his social networks completely disgusted with a situation and decided to publish a video and make a public outburst.

Using your personal Instagram profile, Data Dolabella published a video by the NGO Amor e Respect Animal (ARA), which takes care of the biggest cases of abandonment and mistreatment of animals in the world, such as the buffaloes of Brotas, which were found by the Environmental Police, in November 2021, without food and water .

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The biggest case of abandonment and mistreatment happened to buffaloes from Brotas (Reproduction)

In the title of the video it was announced: “Urgent: Court of Justice decides for the sale of part of the Buffaloes”. In the course of the posted statement, it is reported that the Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo allowed the owners of the Água Sumida farm, in Brotas, to sell part of the herd of buffaloes that are under the care of the NGO.

The Justice authorized that the cost of the herd, which should be borne by the owners of the farm, be given by the disposal of animals, as many as are enough to obtain the necessary funds for the maintenance of the buffaloes. The owner of the farm responds to the process in freedom.

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revolted, Data Dolabella published the decision announced on video by the NGO and vented: “Summary of justice in this capitalist world: Whoever has money reigns, who is most vulnerable suffers.”, began the boyfriend of Vanessa.

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