Death of famous son became scandal and global was accused

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The global actress was seriously accused of being responsible for the death of a young woman

The bullshit that goes on in the world of celebrities is of interest to many people. Usually, when they explode, they fall like a bomb. But soon everything falls into public oblivion until a new scandal arises.

One of the biggest confusions between celebrities happened between Tássia Camargo and Leona Cavalli. In February 2016, Ryan Brito, son of Nizo Netto and Brita Brazil and grandson of the eternal Chico Anysio, died mysteriously.

Victim of drowning, her body was found by fishermen on a beach in the north of Rio de Janeiro. At the time, Brita hinted that the blame for the young man’s death would be global actress Leona Cavalli.

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It turns out that Leona Cavalli is the founder of the Porta do Sol shamanic church, which Rian attended. There, the boy drank Ayhuasca tea for the first time, also known as Santo Daime tea.

Brita claimed that, after trying the drink, Rian began to act differently than normal, getting serious, without a sense of humor, even dropping music and doing uncontrolled fasting and meditation.

Tássia Camargo spoke out

The also global actress Tássia Camargo, a very good friend of Brita Brazil, decided to express her opinion, through a post on Instagram: “If she (Leona Cavalli) was HUMAN, which she seems not to be, she would have sought you out. I believe that what is done here is paid for right here on Earth and hers is kept…“.

Upon such a statement, at first Leona was relieved, but after the persistence of her professional colleague in relating the consumption of tea to the boy’s death, the famous woman took action and sued Tássia.

Tássia Camargo was sued by Leona Cavalli after accusations (Photo: Reproduction/Montagem)
Tássia Camargo was sued by Leona Cavalli after accusations (Photo: Reproduction/Montagem)

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