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Silvio Santos opens his pocket and announces unprecedented job openings on SBT

SBT opened 20 vacancies for those who want to work at the station. Silvio Santos’ channel opened positions for interns from the second year of college up to the occupational physician to attend the company’s outpatient clinic. The broadcaster is 41 years old and is part of the Silvio Santos Group. The SBT brand has 110 stations across the country and includes digital content such as SBT Games, Zyn TV, SBT Videos and SBT News.

All vacancies offered by the company can be found on the official website or by clicking here. O Pop TV separated all the opportunities that are open at the SBT headquarters and the location. In São Paulo, the Silvio Santos channel is located on Rodovia Anhanguera, in Osasco. Below is the list of vacancies:

Effective in Osasco/SP:

Junior OPEC Analyst
Full OPEC Analyst
Junior Sales Support Analyst
Senior Tax Analyst
Administrative Assistant | Digital Content – ​​Exclusive for PcD
Administrative Assistant | People & Management – ​​Exclusive for PwD
Administrative Assistant | Building Infrastructure – Exclusive for PwD
Market Intelligence Assistant
Occupational Physician

Internship Vacancy in Osasco/SP:

Internship in Radio and TV | Family Cases
Internship in Radio and TV or Journalism | Tape Archive
Internship in Radio and TV or Journalism | Journalism Archive
Internship in Radio and TV or Journalism | Digital Content
Young Apprentice | SP

Inside SP:

Commercial Contact | Jaú | vacancy for Botucatu, Marília and region
Commercial Contact | Ribeirão Preto | vacancy for São Joaquim da Barra, Franca and region
Audiovisual Media Operator | Ribeirão Preto
TV Maintenance Technician | jau

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