It’s something that doesn’t fit me anymore

Actress used social networks to make a reflection

Paola Oliveira is one of the most beautiful and desired women in Brazil. The actress, in addition to being very talented, has one of the most beautiful bodies in the country and always shows off all her good shape on social media.

Despite this, this Wednesday (23), the beauty made an outburst on her Instagram about what she has been feeling in relation to the “dictatorship of the perfect body”. In dela Storie, the actress released a publication by the influencer Alexandra Gurgel, in which she warned about how some women naturalize discomfort to look good in photos on social networks.

In the video, the influencer appears in a bikini posing as the photos are usually taken. Paolla Oliveira then published the video and vented. First, the actress was keen to praise Alexandra. “@alexandrismos inspires me daily”. “And I’m going to redo from here this kind of crazy relationship that we women have with the mirror. “Naturalizing discomfort” is something that doesn’t fit me anymore…“, assumed the famous.

It is worth noting that the digital influencer is the creator of the channel “Alexandrianisms“, which addresses topics such as fatphobia and self-acceptance of the body considered non-standard.

Actress shared digital influencer publication on Storie (Instagram playback)


Paolla Oliveira is dating the singer Diogo Nogueira since July 2021. The couple is very dear to fans and also exudes beauty.

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Not long ago, the actress of Globe released a new video on her Instagram profile, after followers speculated a possible pregnancy. For those who have not seen it, the famous had made a suggestive post on the social network. “Today we are all love here at home! Our little seed is growing,” she said.

The subject, of course, gained traction on the internet. In a joking tone, she explained what the little seed was about. Quite different from what they were imagining, the post was actually for the promotion of a beer brand.

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