Manoel Soares tells Sonia what he lives at Globo: Minimum idea

Presenter talks about routine at Globo

Manuel Soares became one of Globo’s biggest names due to the command of “Encontro” alongside Patricia Poet. However, over the months, they faced numerous bad speculations.

That’s because, the presenter turns and moves is one of the most commented subjects due to the supposedly unfriendly atmosphere with the artist.

During an interview with Sonia Abrão on RedeTV!’s “A Tarde É Sua”, the famous told what he lives at the station in Rio and even about his future.


Sincere, Manoel Soares showed the affection he feels for Globo and celebrated the fact of being at the head of the “Encontro”.

“I have, thank God, a very happy relationship with TV Globo. The ‘Encontro’ project is something that brings relevance to people’s homes and that’s all I wanted for my life”, said the presenter, who continued:

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“It’s like I said to Zezé Motta during the program, that when I went on television, I wanted to convey discipline and elegance just like her and we’ve achieved that every day”admitted Patrícia Poeta’s friend.


Then, Manoel Soares confessed that it is a great honor to be able to inspire young people due to his work at Globo.

“I am very happy when some people send me pictures saying that their children think they are Manoelzinho and that they stop in front of the TV to watch the ‘Encontro’. I think this is fundamental.” said the presenter.


Finally, Patrícia Poeta’s friend admitted that he doesn’t know what his future will be at Globo, but guarantees that he is ready for anything.

“So if you ask me what is going to happen in my life in the next few days or the next few years, I really have no idea.” said Manoel Soares, who continued:

“I just need to trust, because what has to come, will come! And I want to take the opportunity to thank you for all the affection I have received and say that this is what keeps me alive”, finished the famous.

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