CR7’s sister-in-law cries misery on TV and becomes an example of a bloodsucker relative

We’ve seen this story before, many times. A rich celebrity’s relative goes on TV to ask for financial help. In addition, he speaks ill of the famous as a kind of family revenge.

Now it happens to Patricia Rodríguez, sister on the father’s side of the influencer Georgina Rodríguez, wife of the star of the Portuguese National Team and former Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo.

In an interview with the ‘Socialité’ program on the Spanish channel Telecinco, CR7’s sister-in-law said she lived in a house invaded and had no money to eat.

“I’m ruined and my sister won’t help me,” she complained. “I can only eat a piece of bread, but my children, Georgina’s nephews… I didn’t expect that from her.”

According to Patrícia, the two haven’t seen each other for 10 years. Their father, Argentine Jorge Rodríguez, spent more than a decade in prison for involvement in drug trafficking and died in 2019.

This family drama contributed to the separation between the sisters. Georgina did not give Patricia space in the documentary series ‘Soy, Georgina’ (‘I, Georgina’), available on Netflix.

The resentful relative said she had called her millionaire sister to ask for an autographed CR7 shirt for her son’s birthday. “Georgina criticized me, she said they were on vacation and wouldn’t bother Cristiano.”

Patricia Rodríguez doesn’t want any kind of help; she only accepts money in hand

Photo: Reproduction/TV

A commentator for ‘Socialité’, Aurelio Manzana, said that Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife was already willing to support her poor sister. “She offered to pay for her nephews’ school, their clothes,” he reported.

“Patricia’s response was: ‘No, give me €5,000 a month and I want to pay for everything myself’.”

This amount (equivalent to R$ 28,000) represents 5 minimum wages in Spain and is well above the monthly income of the Spanish population (2,038 euros).

It was evident that Patricia Rodríguez is not interested in any help from Georgina. She demands a large sum of cash to spend as she pleases.

Often, the public is induced to criticize artists accused of abandoning relatives to their fate.

There are cases of inhumanity, of course, however, there are people willing to tarnish the image of the media familiar to get financial reward.

Cases like this usually involve envy and ambition.

Georgina and Cristiano Ronaldo shield their marriage from relatives' intrigues; the influencer became a star of Netflix

Georgina and Cristiano Ronaldo shield their marriage from relatives’ intrigues; the influencer became a star of Netflix

Photo: Reproductions/Instagram

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