How was Bia’s delegation of tasks?

After winning the farmer’s hat for the third time in “A Fazenda 2022” (RecordTV), Bia Miranda delegated tasks this morning.

With few participants remaining at the headquarters, the farmer had to “break her head” to distribute duties among confinement colleagues — after all, some participants would have more than one role.

Bia defined the divisions and the farmhands were already returning to the headquarters, when production asked the farmer to change: as Iran had already done two tasks last week, he could not have a double delegation again.

Thus, everyone returned to the location and Bia needed the help of the allies to define the division.

Deolane complained about the program’s production, which did not approve of the farmer’s choices. “Easier for them to put it there. The way it is, they are finding it bad,” said the lawyer.

After a few minutes of conversation with the workers, the delegation of tasks for the week was as follows:

  • Cow and bull: Pelé and Iran;
  • Sheep: Andrew;
  • Llamas: Deolane;
  • Pigs: Kerline;
  • Horse: Petal;
  • Birds: Andre;
  • Horta: Babi;
  • Trash: Strawberry.

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