Mouse opened after right arm went to another channel and got hurt

Ratinho opened the game and said what he thought of a former assistant who went to a competing broadcaster and did not succeed

The host little mousefrom SBT, spoke to the program ‘TV Fama’, from RedeTV!, a little while ago and said everything he thought to the attraction’s reporter.

Carlos Massa, popularly known as the little mouse, in addition to being a presenter, he is a great businessman. At the time he spoke to the gossip program, he was asked about his former employees, mainly about one of them who was his right hand man at SBT.

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Valentina Francavilla and Ratinho (Reproduction/ SBT)

Its about Valentina Francavilla, the former stage assistant of ‘Programa do Ratinho’. For those who don’t remember, in 2021, the famous left the program to be confined in ‘A Fazenda 13’, that is, she signed with the competing broadcaster, Record TV, however, she did not win the rural reality and did badly.

“That is with the direction of SBT. I want her [Valentina] come back, but it is up to the SBT board to decide.”, said Silvio Santos’ contractor about Valentina to the report of ‘TV Fama’, from Rede TV!

Then he was asked about Lucimara Parisi, one of the producers of his show for years. “Lucima left, but will return in other projects. We are adjusting to see if she comes back. little mouse about the other famous ex-employee.

Lucimara Parisi was the producer of Programa do Ratinho (Reproduction/ SBT)


little mouse began to gain prominence on television in the police show ‘190 Urgente’, on the now defunct CNT/Gazeta. Then he became a successful celebrity on Record TV for a few years, but it was on SBT, in 1999, that the presenter reaped the true fruits of his fortune.

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Asked by ‘TV Fama’ if he thought about retiring, little mouse he was quite sincere: “No. I don’t want to retire, no. I’m going to die there, talking nonsense, the same way.”, said the presenter.

When asked if he will be a future partner of the boss, Silvio Santos, little mouse chose not to give too many details and declined. “It won’t change anything. [Posso ficar] Only as Silvio’s employee [Santos] and it’s good.”, claimed the successful communicator and businessman.

Former right-hand man of 'Topolino', as she called him
Former right-hand man of ‘Topolino’, as she called him (Reproduction/ SBT)

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