Days after the end of the relationship, Pedro Leonardo resumes 12-year union

Pedro Leonardo resumes marriage with wife according to close source

Just 3 days after announcing the end of their 12-year relationship, Pedro Leonardo, Leonardo’s son, resumed his marriage to Thais Gebelein.

According to information released by Léo Dias’ column, on the Metrópoles website, sources close to the couple reported that the separation statement was published impulsively during a moment of the couple’s fight.

Still according to information from friends of Pedro Leonardo and Thais Gebelein, the couple will travel together on the Navio Cabaré, which for those who don’t know, will leave the port of Santos next Sunday (27) and will return only on Wednesday (30) .

It is worth noting that so far neither Pedro Leonardo nor Thais Gebelein have taken a position on their reconciliation.


Pedro Leonardo is the eldest son of his children from the sertanejo Leonardo. The singer also married Thais Gebelein in 2010.

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The two are parents of two girls, Maria Sophia and Maria Vitória. Just like his father, Pedro Leonardo also pursued an artistic career and even formed a country duo with his cousin Thiago Costa.

Leonardo’s son is currently the presenter of the program ‘Mais Caminhos’, on EPTV, an affiliate of Rede Globo in the regions of the cities of Campinas, Ribeirão Preto, São Carlos and southern Minas Gerais.


The announcement of the end of the marriage of Pedro Leonardo and Thais Gebelein was made last Sunday (20).

The information was shared by the influencer on her official Instagram profile, where she wrote a long text exposing the moment.

“Pedro and I have decided to go our separate ways. We’ll keep what we need to raise our daughters, but today will be better that way. There are things in life that leave us groundless, all at once, like a storm, but it will pass …”, she began.

And continued: “I am in one of the worst moments of my life, living what I need to live in this moment and it has already been very difficult to deal with! I hope you understand and respect both sides.”

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