A Fazenda 2022 – How the 10th edition’s farm was formed

Tenth farm formed in “A Fazenda 2022” (RecordTV). This time, with three peoas disputing the popular preference — 1 from team A (Moranguinho) and 2 from team B (Babi and Kerline). One of them will leave Itapecerica da Serra on Thursday. Bia Miranda’s luck was up to date, she won the farmer’s race for the third time and escaped the spotlight.

What they, and those confined, don’t know, is that Bia is going to form a fake garden next week. The hay will burn in rural reality.

Who do you want to leave the game? Bárbara Borges, Kerline Cardoso or Strawberry? Vote in the poll and see how the tenth swidden was formed.

Farmer’s indication

Deolane Bezerra gave her decree and nominated her direct rival, Bárbara Borges, for the first stool of the 10th farm: “My vote today is no different from what people are seeing. It is for Babi. She is an extremely evil person, queen of drama , Deborah’s little girl who stayed here, always wanting to cancel people, that people would harm themselves”, he justified.

Babi defended himself, stating that Deolane incites violence all the time. “It reverberates out there,” she said.

“But I have to thank you. You made me go down there, in my pain, for me to understand that my opponent is not you, it’s me”, completed Babi.

A Fazenda 2022: Deolane Bezerra in the formation of the 10th swidden

Image: Playback/PlayPlus

Who voted for whom?

  • Pele Milflows voted for Strawberry Shortcake;
  • Pétala Barreiros voted for Iran Malfitano;
  • Iran Malfitano voted for Strawberry Shortcake;
  • Bia Miranda voted for Iran Malfitano;
  • André Miranda voted for Strawberry Shortcake;
  • Moranguinho voted for Iran Malfitano;
  • Bárbara Borges voted for Moranguinho;
  • Kerline Cardoso voted for Moranguinho.

With that, Moranguinho was the most voted and the second to sit on the stool.

lantern powers

In possession of the powers, Pétala got confused when distributing them. She handed the black one to Bia — who was in the stall. With him, Bia had to choose a ‘baieiro’ to be immunized from the pull, this person could not be herself. Bia chose André Marinho, one of her declared rivals: “It’s a strategy, Kerline never went to the countryside”, she explained.

A Fazenda 2022: Baia in the formation of the 10th swidden of the season

Image: Playback/PlayPlus

With the other power, Pétala left the entire house without hot water for 48 hours in exchange for a prize of R$10,000.

pet - Reproduction/Playplus - Reproduction/Playplus

A Fazenda 2022: Pétala Barreiros won the lampion competition for the second time

Image: Playback/Playplus

Moranguinho continued and pulled Kerline, it is the debut of the ex-BBB on the stool. With only one left, Bia Miranda was left and vetoed Kerline from taking the farmer’s test.

Farmer’s test

bow - Playback/Playplus - Playback/Playplus

A Fazenda 2022: Babi, Bia and Strawberry in the farmer’s tasting

Image: Playback/Playplus

Bárbara, Bia and Moranguinho competed in a test of pure luck. The people had to randomly choose balls on the field and kick them. Each ball had a color, which represented a score.

In the sum of the last round, Bia was consecrated the farmer of the week. It is the third time she has worn the hat.

The Farm 2022: Who is Farmer of the Week? See who’s worn the hat

A Fazenda 2022: Bia Miranda with a farmer's hat for the third time - Reproduction/Playplus


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