Adriane Galisteu announces that the program will have a fake garden

Presenter Adriane Galisteu announced to the audience of “A Fazenda 2022” (Record TV) that, next week, in its final stretch, the program will have a fake garden.

“Hold on to that emotion, people, because next week there will be a fake swidden and we’re going to have many surprises. You can’t lose by waiting”, said the presenter, after the first contact with the pedestrians today, for the 11th race of the farmer.

“I already warned you and that’s it. I’ll tell you the details at the right time for you, but hold on to that emotion because next week there’s a fake farm. Okay, I said it!”, added the presenter.

A fake garden was already considered by the participants of the house after the elimination of Deborah Albuquerque in the 8th spot of the program.

The false hot seat was considered because “A Fazenda 2022” had two pedestrians expelled, Shayan Hagbin and Tiago Ramos, and kept its scheduled end date for December 15.

On Twitter, Rodrigo Carelli also commented on the dynamic.

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