Debora Bloch publishes rare photo of her daughter and beauty enchants

In a rare photo published on social networks, Debora Bloch puts a picture of her daughter

Debora Bloch is very discreet with her personal life, especially on social networks, success in Globo soap operas, few know that the actress is the mother of Júlia and Hugo Anquier, the result of her relationship with Olivier Anquier, from 1991 to 2006.

Today, Thursday (22), Júlia turned 29 years old and received a tribute from Debora Bloch, the actress posted a photo of her daughter holding a bouquet of roses and wrote: “29 years of much love, I love you Jujuba”.

In the comments, fans were startled by such a similarity between the actress and her daughter, in addition to the many congratulations received, the fans commented: “Your face”, several times in the photo, one even wrote “Faithful copy”.

Photo that Debora Bloch published on social networks, of her daughter (Reproduction)


Actress Débora Bloch is rocking as the fun Deodora in “Mar do Sertão”, Globo’s six o’clock soap opera.

After many years, more than seven of them away from Globo’s soap operas, Debora Bloch makes a triumphant return and draws attention to her talent and resourcefulness to keep a character in evidence.

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In a recent interview to the magazine Contigo!, Débora Bloch vibrates with the representation of the plot that shows a more realistic country to the viewer.

Daughter of Debora Bloch and her boyfriend at a party (reproduction)
Daughter of Debora Bloch and her boyfriend at a party (reproduction)

“I’m enjoying going back to making soap operas. It really took a long time, but it was natural. I was called to work on really cool projects that, by the way, weren’t soap operas, they were series, and I was splicing one into the other.”said Débora Bloch, who starred in the series “Segunda Chamada”.

About the invitation to “Mar do Sertão”, her return to Globo’s soap operas, the famous account that the setting of the plot drew attention and motivated her to return. “I was invited to do the soap opera and, when I read the synopsis, I found it very interesting. I saw that the plot brought another geography, another type of character.”explained the actress.

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