Viih Tube, pregnant, has an absurd desire and Eliezer is desperate

Eliezer Gets Desperate With Viih Tube’s Absurd Desire

The ex-BBBs couple, Eliezer Netto and Viih Tube, announced a few days ago that they are pregnant. The couple’s first child was revealed on the famous YouTube channel.

But this last Thursday, September 22, during some Stories that were being recorded by Eliezer Netto on his social networks, he heard an absurd pregnant desire from the mouth of HIV Tube.

Eliezer Netto made a point of showing his followers that he was not lying: “Telling me that it gave mouth watering to eat food and dog treats. My poor son!”, lamented the ex-BBB 22.

HIV Tube defended herself from her boyfriend’s exposure: “I didn’t eat, I just smelled it. [Nosso filho] is asking!” she declared to Eliezer, who had a face of despair and, soon after, began to laugh at the absurdity he heard.

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A little before that, Eliezer Netto I was already telling you about the pregnant desires of HIV Tube and punctuated something unexpected: “I had a stye, because I denied her candy. I already knew she was pregnant. It took two days and the stye appeared,” he declared.

Eliezer Netto reveals Viih Tube's absurd pregnant desires
Eliezer Netto reveals Viih Tube’s absurd pregnant desires (Reproduction / Instagram)

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This last Tuesday, September 20, the couple of ex-BBBs Eliezer and Viih Tubeannounced the pregnancy: “It is very good news, it will change everything forever”, began the heartthrob.

“We are very happy with this news, we were waiting for the right moment to tell you. I was waiting for the ‘ok’ from the doctor, because I had anemia. Why not then tell? We are two bag mouths, we are fifi”, explained HIV Tube to the fans.

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