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Shayan exposes plot against Gretchen’s granddaughter

Shayan reveals plans to allies against Bia Miranda in A Fazenda 14

On the night of this last Thursday, September 22, even before the first elimination of the roça in “The Farm 14“, Shayan Haghbin told his allies that he plans revenge on Gretchen’s granddaughter, Bea Miranda.

Shayan is the current Farmer of this week in the rural reality, and of course, Bia Mirandais your newest enemy in “The Farm 14“After all, they had quarreled earlier and decided to reveal that they were willing to send Gretchen’s granddaughter to the next farm.

Shayan was in the treehouse, chatting with his allies, but at one point he decided to open up to MC Tati Zaqui, Deborah Albuquerque and Alex Gallete.

Farmer of the week said he had a little squabble earlier with Bia Miranda and fired: “If this girl, this Bia messes with me a little more, I’ll put her in the fields.”, he assumed.

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“Today he entered my neurosis. This girl, she started: ‘Go to work, go to work’. I said, ‘Me? Am I going to work for you?’” she recalled. Shayan about the argument with Gretchen’s granddaughter.

Tati Zaqui opined about Bia Miranda: “She is beaked,” she pointed out. Alex Gallete, in turn, also decided to give his point of view: “She is not pointed, she is rude”, he pondered. “It is true, she is rude.“, agreed Shayan Haghbin in “The Farm 14“.

Shayan, at the tree house, exposes a fight with Bia Miranda to the allies and promises to farm
Shayan, in the tree house, exposes a quarrel with Bia Miranda to the allies and promises to grow crops (Reproduction/Twitter)

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Adriane Galisteu commands the live broadcasts and editions of the day of “The Farm 14“, on Record TV. On this last Thursday night, September 22, Sonia Abrão’s reporter, Bruno Thalamowas the first eliminated in the rural reality field.

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