Deolane fights with Ruivinha and sets up a shack: ‘Hyena’

After the first elimination, Deolane fights Ruivinha de Marte’s attitudes in A Fazenda 14

In the early hours of this Friday, September 23, after the elimination of Bruno Thalamo in the first swidden of “A Fazenda 14”, Deolane Bezerra decided to pick a fight with martian redheadwho was celebrating the return of Deborah Albuquerquand to headquarters.

Deolanewhen faced with redhead happy with the return of the peoa, he fired: “Who saw and who sees Ruivinha! I was horrified by Deborah, look now,” she pointed out.

redhead then he replied: “No one needs to tell me anything else, I already have my own vision about you”, who, in the midst of a lot of argument, pinned: “Very superb, do you want the crown of the farm? Have you won?”, starting from there the lawyer’s offenses.

Deolane Bezerravery irritated, started to walk and talk loud and clear at the headquarters of “The Farm 14“: “Get out there, vulture, carrion hyena. No character, no personality.”, offended the widow of MC Kevin.

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Deolane Bezerra got into a fight and justified his rancidity: “You came looking for me, saying that your friends hated me, and that you didn’t want to feel that way. On top of me, no, little plant”, she threw the pawn in the face.

The Farm 14: Bruno Tálamo is the first eliminated of the season with 15,69% of votes

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Thomaz Costa and Deolane Bezerra (Reproduction)

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Deolane Bezerra and Ruivinha de Marte exchange barbs and lawyer offends in A Fazenda 14
Deolane Bezerra and Ruivinha de Marte exchange barbs and a lawyer offends in A Fazenda 14 (Photo: Reproduction / Twitter)


With 15.69% of the votes, the journalist Bruno Thalamo became the first eliminated from “The Farm 14“. The vote asked the viewer from home to vote for who should remain in the rural reality, therefore, the pawn with the fewest votes would be eliminated this time.

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Bruno Thalamo faced the rock with Tiago Ramoswhich had 57.08% of the remaining votes, and Deborah Albuquerquewho received 27.23% to stay in “The Farm 14“.

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Poll A Fazenda 14: Bruno, Deborah and Tiago; Who do you want to stay?

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