Celso Portiolli discloses Gianecchini’s report and appears ‘deformed’

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Celso Portiolli shares video of Reynaldo Gianecchini on social media

Celso Portiolli is one of the biggest presenters on television today, being one of the darlings of Silvio Santos, on SBT. Despite being very discreet when it comes to his personal life, the communicator is very active on social networks, where he posts funny videos, jokes and pranks with friends.

Good-natured as ever, this Thursday morning (22), Celso Portiolli published a video on his social networks that drove the web crazy. That’s because he made a montage with the actor Reynaldo Gianecchini and himself with his face all deformed.

Celso Portiolli took advantage of a video of the actor, where he makes a statement about people today: “I think some imperfections are beautiful. I think everyone is looking the same. I don’t know why everyone wants to have the same mouth”, said Reynaldo Gianecchini, who is followed by the SBT contractor:

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Celso Portiolli (Photo: Publicity)

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“Magina”, Celso Portiolli shoots, using an Instagram filter that left him with a mouth, as if he had just had an aesthetic procedure performed on the spot.

Check out the video:

It is worth remembering that Celso Portiolli often uses filters on the social network to record mocking videos. He has already emerged deformed in other ways through stories and, whenever he can, appears with the filter of tears.

In addition to being a success on social media, Celso Portiolli runs Domingo Legal, on SBT, where he stars in hilarious and iconic moments on national television, such as the time he was trapped in a Passa Ou Repassa trap, or when he was only in underwear on stage.

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