Marisa Orth freaks out with a fan and leaves her embarrassed: “She’s already taken a picture with me”

Actress would have mistreated fan during event

The actress Marisa Orth drew attention during a theater awards show in São Paulo, on Wednesday night (21), because of her impatience.

The famous attended the 9th edition of the Bibi Ferreira Award, at Teatro Santander, freaked out when approached by a fan who asked for a photo. According to information from columnist Fábia Oliveira, from “Em Off”, the woman would have asked for a second photo with the actress, as the first one had not turned out so good, and it was at this moment that Marisa Orth lost her patience.

Because of the second request, the eternal Magda of ‘Sai de Baixo’ would have given a harsh answer and left the fan embarrassed. “Honey, you already took a picture with me, right? Now for the second time?” said Marisa Orth.

So far, the actress has not commented on what happened.


The most recent work of the famous on television was the soap opera “Além da Illusion”, on Globo. In the serial, the actress gave life to the prankster Margô. The artist has already done several outstanding works on the carioca station throughout her career, among them, the humorous ‘Sai de Baixo’ and ‘Toma Lá, Dá Cá’, where she had a beautiful partnership with the actor Miguel Falabella.

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Recently, the actress even honored her longtime friend with a beautiful text on social media. At the time, the actor was having a birthday. “Miguel Falabella. I never imagined that this beautiful man would be so important in my life. My master in the art of making me stop being a beast and love comedy. My partner in the greatest success of my life, my husband Caco. My friend, my brother,” he began.

“Today is the birthday of this great artist! Even on this earth where it seems to be a sin to be famous and shine as he does, he is a King! Happy birthday my beloved Migui!” concluded Marisa Orth.

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